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Research & Insights

Wilton Consulting Group brings years of experience in qualitative and interdisciplinary research methods that can be applied to a wide range of situations in different sectors. Focused on solution based outcomes, Bronwynne and her team brings a customized approach to all their work to deliver high quality results. Bronwynne's ability to collaborate with researchers from multiple disciplines creates opportunities to explore problems and issues from new perspectives, resulting in fresh insights and recommendations.


Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement

People and their perspectives matter. From community development projects, land use issues, and scientific advancements, there are always diverse perspectives that need to be understood to facilitate and sustain change. Openness and curiosity are key ingredients to a meaningful stakeholder consultation process and are the foundation of our approach to understanding the needs of stakeholders and community members. Bronwynne is an experienced facilitator with the skills and experiences to meaningfully and creatively engage stakeholders, industry, and businesses leaders and the public. 


Knowledge Mobilization

While finding answers to complex problems is important, putting those answers to work in a practical and effective manner is even more important. Wilton Group's extensive understanding of best practices in knowledge mobilization (sharing of information), agricultural extension, and adult education allow them to implement efficient and effective activities. Bronwynne also brings a unique background in bridging academic research with industry needs and with her extensive network in the Ontario agri-food and rural development sectors, Bronwynne and her team have years of useful resources and connections to meet client needs.



A skilled and trained facilitator can maximize your meeting, allowing you to fully engage and focus on dialogue and creating clear strategies. Bronwynne is highly experienced in facilitation and helping clients of all sizes in the agri-food sector bring the big picture into focus. This increased clarity of purpose encourages alignment towards common goals, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration. As a team, Wilton Group supports facilitation services from pre-meeting interviews, material preparation, and delivery of a final report.



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