A Series of Plain Language Case Studies 

Client: Arrell Food Institute (Inaugural Arrell Food Summit) 

Expertise Applied:

  • Knowledge Mobilization

  • Plain Language Writing

  • Facilitation

We were delighted to work with the Arrell Food Institute to help develop engaging, plain language case studies to support the Food and Agriculture Business Seminars at the inaugural Food Summit in May 2018. The Summit brought together hundreds of provincial, national and international agriculture and agri-food stakeholders from across the sector including academia, industry, government, NGO’s and philanthropists.

AFI case studies.jpg

Wilton Group worked alongside researchers from the University of Guelph to develop and refine four case studies on innovative emerging trends in the agri-food sector. Topics included recreational marijuana processing technologies, challenges and opportunities in emerging greenhouse robotics technologies, the business model of a micro-green growing operation and a series of three short studies on food companies that transitioned to business models that prioritize sustainability.

At Wilton Consulting Group, developing products that are accessible and easy to understand is important to us. Through this project, for example, we created value for our client by translating business and scientific language into plain language case study booklets. These booklets were the basis of two-hour breakout sessions and facilitated fruitful, productive discussions that contributed to the Summit’s goal of bringing together global expertise to tackle the issues of food scarcity. 


Do you have a project that requires plain language writing? With our KTT expertise, translating technical scientific knowledge is one of our greatest strengths. Contact us today for more information.