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Strategic Planning and Facilitation

People and their perspectives matter. From community development projects, land use issues, and scientific advancements, there are always diverse perspectives that need to be understood to facilitate and sustain change... Read More 

The Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative

Wilton Consulting Group, in collaboration with Synthesis Agri-Food Network, worked with a coalition of Ontario farm and food organizations on a consultation process to clarify and streamline sustainability initiatives... Read More

Dairy Goat Sustainability Proof-of-Concept

We are proud to have worked with a coalition of Ontario farm and food organizations and ten Ontario dairy goat producers to conduct a proof-of-concept of the Sustainable Farm and Food Initiative concept... Read More

An Assessment of Agri-Environmental Decision Making Tools

We engaged key agricultural stakeholders to build awareness and understanding of the available agri-environmental decision support system tools in Ontario... Read More

Plain Language Case Studies

We were delighted to have worked with the Arrell Food Institute to help develop captivating, plain language case studies to support the inaugural Food Summit in May 2018... Read More

Benchmarking Provincial Environmental Farm Plans to International Standards

We worked with the Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) as well as the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA) to benchmark their Environmental Farm Plans (EFPs) to the internationally recognized FSA tool… Read More

Opportunities to Support Farm Business Development and Local Ontario Food Across the Value Chain

Local food is increasingly becoming a key factor in consumer’s purchasing, thus affecting both processor’s decision-making and farmers in their opportunities to expand their businesses. We determined key opportunities to support Ontario’s local agri-food producers, processors, and retailers… Read More


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