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Madeleine Chauvin, B.A.

Madeleine has recently completed her undergraduate degree in International Development, emphasizing in environment and development at the University of Guelph. Madeleine has planned and coordinated numerous events for students through her involvement with the University’s Centre for International Programs, as well as the Sustainability Office. She gained first-hand experience learning how NGO’s in India are solving environmental and agricultural issues through a semester abroad. Her experiential interdisciplinary education allows her to understand and synthesize a variety of perspectives when researching and writing.


Madeleine is passionate about environmental sustainability, community development, education, and national and international politics. She is excited to explore sustainability policy and opportunities within the agri-food sector in greater detail by engaging with many different stakeholders. She is also enthusiastic about developing her knowledge mobilization skills to communicate agri-food and environmental sustainability information on a broader scale.